Welcome to the Official Coco Blog!

Exciting things are always happening here at Coco and this is the place to catch it all! We’ll be regularly posting about new developments surrounding Coco as it continues to deliver the best messenger experience available now.


The Coco Team also wants to share more about what it’s like working here, so expect to see posts with candid moments caught here in the office. Speaking of which, the team recently moved into a brand new headquarters in San Francisco located in the heart of Union Square. As you can see, things are quickly coming together, especially with our efforts to redecorate.

3.13.14 - Painting 4 3.13.14 - Painting 3 3.13.14 - Painting 2 3.13.14 - Painting 1

Another important reason why we started this blog is because we wanted to create a platform to connect with our users and to be able to shine the spotlight on you as well. We’re eager to show everyone what you’ve got to offer so stay tuned for an exciting line-up of Coco events! We want everyone to know that Coco is the messaging app where the brightest, most interesting and fun people are and that no one wants to miss this party!

3.7.14 - Office 4