How to use Quick Reply?

Quick Reply allows you to send/receive Coco text and voice messages from an Android device’s locked screen. In addition,  you can also send/receive SMS messages from the same interface. When new messages come, your screen will show whom it’s from and how many new messages are received, along with all other unread messages. (To protect your privacy, we don’t show the message content unless you tap on the profile to open chat.)

All Coco messages are still accessible from Coco App, and all SMS messages are still accessible from your default SMS application, regardless whether you read them on Quick Reply or not. Please note that you are still responsible for the cost of SMS. Quick Reply is only the interface for you to send the SMS message from.


When you are using another app, new message is displayed in a drop banner for just a few seconds to allow you to take a glance and decide whether it’s important to give immediate attention. Tapping on the banner takes you to the respective app (Coco or SMS). The banner automatically disappears after a few seconds if you don’t take any action.


You can disable Quick Reply if you don’t wish to use it. Go to the last tab More->Settings->Notifications. You can turn Quick Reply on or off for Coco messages and SMS messages independently.