Party Planning with Group Chats

Living with friends and significant others is a great thing. But when it comes time planning something like a surprise party, being that close to someone all the time can complicate things.

Coco has a solution for this exact situation! Because Coco is outfitted with a variety of features, you’ll not only be able to plan the bash of the year, but also do it secretly, making the surprise something your loved ones will never forget.

First, open a group conversation or Group Chat. Just be careful to not include that special someone (remember to tell them in a secret group)!


Ask participants for recommendations, party ideas and even let them vote on their favorite decoration themes. Send them pictures for suggestion and even name locations. Coco makes planning a party easier for everyone.


Add everyone, even those who you don’t have on your list, like your special someone, boss or coworkers! Just ask any participant in the group chat to send you the information Vcard for that contact.


It’s that easy!