The Weekend’s Here! What’re You Going To Do About It?


Sometimes it’s difficult to for your group of friends to decide what to do on a Friday night, where to go on a Saturday afternoon or even how to get to your favorite Sunday brunch spot.

Your social life doesn’t have to be complicated and we have a solution! Making plans with friends can be simple thanks to some of the easy and fast features of Coco.

“What is it,” you ask?

Questions — Use the Question feature to post questions to anyone. if you are planning to visit a new place, post a question to ask friends and other Coco users what they think about it. Post a question with Coco and you get your answers fast.


Group Conversations — This makes planning really easy. Talk to your friends right away about suggestions for places to go today or any other day of the week. Just mark the place in the map and then send it to the participants in your group conversation.


Let us know what plans you’ve made through Coco and share your experiences!