Coco was created upon the foundation that everyone everywhere has the fundamental right to be able to connect with each other free of limitations and fees. Coco is continually evolving to deliver a quality messaging experience unlike any other that will always first and foremost forever remain free. To achieve these idealistic commitments, the Coco Team is comprised of intelligent, ambitious and innovative talent that work tirelessly and earnestly to deliver the best next generation messaging app experience.

Coco’s core company values encourage ambitious yet unified goals where every employee makes contributions that directly impacts not only the app, but also millions of Coco users. Be part of a close-knit team where you’re not just another cog in the machine. All employees contribute ideas and have an influence.

Coco is headquartered in the heart of Union Square, one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks and districts. Being located in Union Square delivers employees all the richness that a metropolitan city has to offer such as access to a superfluous amount of public transportation, diverse gourmet eateries of all kinds at every corner and an abundance of entertainment venues and activities during their spare time.


We're always looking for amazing talent. If you're interested in joining the Coco team, send us an email at or follow us on LinkedIn.

Company Values


work smart, play hard


open communication


unafraid to take risks

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