How do I use People Nearby?

There are 2 sections In the ‘Nearby’ tab -

On the top: Group Nearby
On the bottom: People Nearby

People Nearby shows a list of people who have also used this feature within a certain time period, sorted by their distance from you at the time they accessed the feature. You can filter the list by gender or last active time. The filter icon is in the upper right corner. You can tap to open anyone’s public profile and send greetings from there. People-Nearby-1 All greetings from People Nearby will be delivered to Chats. When you open Nearby, by default you will also be visible to other Nearby users for up to 3 days. If you prefer not to be shown in other’s People Nearby list, you can browse in Invisible Mode. Go to More > Settings > Privacy > Invisible to enable the mode. In Invisible Mode, you can still check out people’s profile, but you can not send greetings.