How to use Groups Nearby?

1) Go to Social tab and Groups Nearby. You must enable Location Services to see Groups Nearby.

2) Find a group that you want to join and request access to it if the group still has opening. Please keep in mind that you can only join up to 10 groups, including the one created by yourself.Android-Coco-GroupsNearby3) You will receive a notification if your request to join has been approved or denied by the group owner.

4) The Groups you have joined are listed on the Groups Nearby page and you can also access them from the Chats tab.

5) Leave or report a group if there is a problem! You can leave the group at any time by simply pressing the ‘Leave Group’ button. You can also report the group for inappropriate use, but you need to describe in a few words about the reason. Groups with multiple reports will be removed from Coco.Leave-Report To create a Group Nearby, you must meet the following requirements:

- Complete your profile
- Verify your phone number
- Enable Location Services Groups-Nearby-7.2 If you meet all those requirements, you will see the ‘Create’ button activated and that will take you to the Group Profile setup page. Only the highest quality groups will be approved. To increase your chance of receiving approval, ensure that you have a group photo and description that clearly define the purpose of your group.Groupsnameetc-1 You will be notified whether your group has been approved. Please note this could take a few days. If unfortunately your application is denied, please feel free to try again with more relevant Group photo and description.Social3-Coco Only the owner of the group can add or remove members. Group owner can also grant or deny access to any person that requests to join the group.   groups-nearby-6