Commuting with Coco

These days call for fast, effective and easy forms of communication. The solution? Mobile devices and smartphones.

People everywhere are using these new technologies in different ways every day and it’s completely changed the way that we connect.

Commuting. Have you ever wondered what people used to do before there were smartphones?

It’s undeniable that a good portion of your fellow commuters can be seen staring at the glowing screens of their smartphones. They’re used for a multitude of functions such as information about the weather, location, traffic reports and most importantly, staying in touch with loved ones.

It’s important to keep connected, with our family, our distant relatives, our friends, and why not, that kid who shared lunch with you in kindergarten!

We just tap our smartphones a few times and a whole new world of possibilities opens up before us. We just have to write and send a text, record a voice message or send a picture to share our moments with those who matter to us the most.

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This is why Coco exists. Use Coco to make your moments even more special — add a sticker and send a greeting with an extra touch of you. In our sticker center you can find a variety of animated character that help you give incredible personality to your messages!

If you see something that surprises you, shocks you or simply makes you laugh, don’t waste time! Share it with Coco!

Commuting now means connecting, and connecting is best when is done with Coco!