How to use Moments?

Moment is a social network feature for the Coco community, where you can post photos, browse and make comments on your friends’ photos and more. To access your Moments, go to More tab. My Moments is just below your profile. You can upload up to 9 photos in each post, and post as many times a day as you wish! Please keep in mind that your Coco contacts can see all your posts. Only the most recent 10 posts are visible to  all community members, which means you can also check out the Moments from people who are not in your Contacts list. However, only your contacts can Like or Comment on your post. You may also respond to the comments.coco-moments-2 (1) To see the latest updates from all of your friends’s Moments, go to Social tab and tap on Moments. Tap on a thumbnail to view the photo in full screen. You can swipe left or right to view photos in full screen. Tap again to close full screen photo. coco-moments-3 To see an individual’s Moments, go to that person’s Contact Info page and access his or her Moments from there. coco-moments-1