Coco पर फोन कॉल कैसे करें?

1) Open a chat. Tap the ‘+’ to open the tool tray. You will see ‘Voice Call’ icon there. If you don’t see it, either you’re using an older version that doesn’t have ‘Voice Call’ or you are in a group chat. (Currently voice call is only available for one-on-one chat)

2) Tap on the ‘Voice Call’ to initiate the call. It may take a few seconds to establish the connection.

3) Once your contact picks up the call, talk for as long as you want, for FREE!

4) The other person must use a Voice Call compatible version as well. If not, you will see connection drops immediately after you initiate the call. Your contact will receive a message telling him or her that you are trying to call using Voice Call and he or she can download the latest version to use that feature.

5) Like regular phone calls, you can see the chat duration for each call. If the person doesn’t pick up, there’ll be a Missed Call in the message history. You can tap on any of those Call message to re-dial instead of opening the tool tray.

6) We strongly recommend using Voice Call on fast internet connection such as Wi-fi, 4G or 3G. Please keep in mind that Voice Call consumes data.