mars 18, 2015

Coco is making headlines!

We are very happy to share this recent article from KillerStartups where they feature Coco as a brilliant startup that is helping users COmmunicate and COnnect with anyone, anywhere, for FREE! Here in Coco we are very proud of the service we are providing and the many millions we are connecting across different countries. With […]

février 14, 2015

A Match made in Coco

Coco’s goal has always been to reduce the bridge in communication and help connecting people all over the world. In principle Coco is not looking to help unite couples, but when luckily that happens, we are excited to share that story with the rest of our users and with the whole world. This is the […]

janvier 23, 2015

How to use Voicemail?

When your voice call cannot be connected due to various reasons such as the recipient’s line is busy or disconnected from the internet, you can leave a 60-second long voicemail. The recipient will receive a notification about your voicemail. To check your voicemail, go to Calls and tap on Voicemail tap at the top. Red […]

janvier 17, 2015

How to use Moments?

Moment is a social network feature for the Coco community, where you can post photos, browse and make comments on your friends’ photos and more. To access your Moments, go to More tab. My Moments is just below your profile. You can upload up to 9 photos in each post, and post as many times […]

janvier 2, 2015

(English) How to mute group chat notification?

To stop getting notifications from ALL Groups Nearby chats, go to More > Notifications and disable Groups Nearby. To stop getting notification from specific group chat, open that chat and tap Settings (upper right corner) and disable the Alert option for that specific chat. You may mute notification for any chat by disabling Alert in […]

(English) How do I use People Nearby?

There are 2 sections In the ‘Nearby’ tab – On the top: Group Nearby On the bottom: People Nearby People Nearby shows a list of people who have also used this feature within a certain time period, sorted by their distance from you at the time they accessed the feature. You can filter the list by […]

décembre 20, 2014

How to make phone calls on Coco?

1) Open a chat. Tap the ‘+’ to open the tool tray. You will see ‘Voice Call’ icon there. If you don’t see it, either you’re using an older version that doesn’t have ‘Voice Call’ or you are in a group chat. (Currently voice call is only available for one-on-one chat) 2) Tap on the […]

(English) How to add a friend?

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You can now share photos, location and name cards with your friends by clicking the ‘+’ button from any chat. Photo: send up to 10 compressed or full-sized photos from your phone. Camera: take a photo and send it directly to your friends. Location: send your current location or a chosen location of interest in map view. Name […]

décembre 16, 2014
décembre 2, 2014

How do I change phone number?

You may not change phone number in Coco due to security considerations. If your number has changed, you can do one of the following: 1) Sign in with your CocoID and password. However, Coco can’t auto-match anybody with your new number because your account is still associated with your old number. In addition, when the […]

novembre 27, 2014

(English) How can I tell if someone has blocked me on Coco?

Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark (message sent), and never show a second check mark (message delivered). It’s an indicator that person has blocked. However, there are other possibilities. We have made this intentionally ambiguous in order to protect your privacy when you block someone. […]

novembre 20, 2014

(English) How to use Winks?

1) Open Winks from the Social tab. If you haven’t completed your profile, you will be prompted to do so. 2)  You will see a deck of profile cards of users who have accessed Winks within a certain time limit. 3) Swipe right or tap ‘heart’ to indicate you like someone; swipe left or tap […]

novembre 14, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Pete the Party Pinata

If you are feeling the mood to party, then we have the perfect companion to make your fiesta an unforgettable one. That’s right, meet the newest addition to our Sticker Center: Pete the Party Pinata! He is fun, adorable, and has some rocking moves for every celebration! Best used when: You are overwhelmed with cuteness […]

octobre 30, 2014

(English) How to use Groups Nearby?

1) Go to Social tab and Groups Nearby. You must enable Location Services to see Groups Nearby. 2) Find a group that you want to join and request access to it if the group still has opening. Please keep in mind that you can only join up to 10 groups, including the one created by yourself.3) […]

octobre 9, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Regina

Meet Regina. She’s hardworking, friendly and intelligent — a very charming young woman if ever there was one. Visit the Sticker Center to makes friends with Regina now! Best used when: you’re feeling hardworking, accomplished, intelligent

octobre 1, 2014

Party Planning with Group Chats

Living with friends and significant others is a great thing. But when it comes time planning something like a surprise party, being that close to someone all the time can complicate things. Coco has a solution for this exact situation! Because Coco is outfitted with a variety of features, you’ll not only be able to […]

septembre 25, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Digby

Are you a dog lover? Well, if you weren’t before, you will be now! Meet Digby, this lovable little furball that’s bursting with personality. Won’t you visit the Sticker Center and take this little guy home? Best used when: you’re feeling cuddly, dog loving, playful

septembre 23, 2014

Commuting with Coco

These days call for fast, effective and easy forms of communication. The solution? Mobile devices and smartphones. People everywhere are using these new technologies in different ways every day and it’s completely changed the way that we connect. Commuting. Have you ever wondered what people used to do before there were smartphones? It’s undeniable that […]

septembre 12, 2014

(English) How to create a private group chat?

There are 2 ways to start group chat: 1) From Chats tab, tap on the ‘Compose’ icon in the upper right corner and select from the list. You can scroll the list or search by name. 2) From an existing chat, tap on the ‘Settings’ icon in the upper right corner and then tap ‘Add’. […]

septembre 11, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Sam

There’s a hero hiding inside everyone, including dinosaurs! Meet Sam — he’s a tenacious dinosaur that just wants to do his part in the world by being helpful and being a good role model, hence the heroic cape. Visit the Sticker Center to meet your hero Sam! Best used when: you’re heroic, strong and kind.

Traveling the World Has Never Been Easier

Traveling is one thing that people enjoy the most! It’s an incredible experience to visit new countries, cities and landmarks. But, with work, school and life in general, sometimes it’s hard to be able to travel. But, don’t worry! There’s a simple and free solution because Coco can help you to discover the world through […]

août 29, 2014

The Weekend’s Here! What’re You Going To Do About It?

Sometimes it’s difficult to for your group of friends to decide what to do on a Friday night, where to go on a Saturday afternoon or even how to get to your favorite Sunday brunch spot. Your social life doesn’t have to be complicated and we have a solution! Making plans with friends can be […]

août 28, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Sweet Emma

Feeling playful and young at heart? Sweet Emma is a charming girl that enjoys getting the most out of life and making friends. Visit the Sticker Center to meet your new best friend Emma now! Best used when: you’re feeling playful, young at heart, excited

août 18, 2014

(English) What to do if I forgot my password?

If you have verified your phone number, from the login screen, tap ‘Forgot password?’ and request to reset password via SMS. We will send you a pin via SMS right away that will allow you to log in and change password. If you haven’t verified your phone number, please contact us at and be […]

août 15, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Suzi

Have a soft spot for cats? Go to the Sticker Center to adopt adorable little Suzi here. She’s waiting for her forever home

août 10, 2014

(English) How to add a friend?

Desde la opción de “Contactos”, usted puede invitar amigos a través de un mensaje SMS. Ellos recibirán un link para descargar Coco y luego serán agregados como amigos de Coco, una vez que se hayan registrado y verificado su teléfono. Si tus amigos ya tienen Coco y tú sabes cuál es su Coco ID, puedes […]

août 9, 2014

Event: Pssst, we’ve got a secret!

We’ve got a secret we’re dying to share with you! It’s a brand new exclusive sticker set, but what do you think it could be? Here’s a little hint! Help us get to 65,000 Page Likes on our Facebook Page to unlock this secret sticker set exclusive to Coco users! Here’s how: 1. Visit our […]

août 7, 2014

(English) How to use Shake Shake?

This social feature allows you to connect with other users who are using Shake Shake at the same time. Go to Social tab, open ‘Shake Shake’ and start shaking your phone!  Once you stop, you will see a list of people who have just shaken their phones when you did. From the list, you can […]

août 5, 2014

How to send voice message?

1) From the chat, tap the small microphone icon next to the text input field, and you will see a big circular microphone button. 2) Press and hold the microphone button and start talking. You will see the sound wave capturing your voice message. Keep holding the button while you talk.3) To send the voice […]

août 2, 2014

(English) How to change chats background?

1) From any chat (one-on-one or group), tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner. 2) Tap on ‘Set Background’.   3) Choose from the image gallery that’s optimized as background for your chats. 4) You can also use your own photos by tapping  ’Choose Photo’, and select from an album or open camera […]

août 1, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Pretty Panda Pala

Who knew pandas were so sassy? Pala the Panda loves entertaining with her colorful personality. Spice up your chats with her colorful personality by downloading her sticker set in the Sticker Center!   Best used when: you’re feeling sassy, colorful, animated, fun

juillet 26, 2014

We want your Feedback!

We here at Coco just want you to know that we care about you. Your comments and feedback help guide the development of Coco to make it the very best it can be. Part of our commitment involves making sure Coco is lightning fast and of course useful! For these reasons, the Coco Team reviews […]

juillet 24, 2014

(English) How to use Quick Reply?

Quick Reply allows you to send/receive Coco text and voice messages from an Android device’s locked screen. In addition,  you can also send/receive SMS messages from the same interface. When new messages come, your screen will show whom it’s from and how many new messages are received, along with all other unread messages. (To protect […]

juillet 23, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Edde

Feeling warm and cozy and cute? Edde is full of all those things and then some. Download all of Edde’s whimsical stickers by visiting the Sticker Center! Best used when: you’re feeling friendly, giddy, lovable, want to make someone smile

juillet 19, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Dada Devil Devil

In a devil may care type of mood? No character better embodies this than Dada the devilish devil. Download this mischievous sticker set now by visiting the Sticker Center. Best used when: you’re feeling like a troublemaker, sassy, sarcastic, trying to get someone’s attention     DADA Devil Devil is a character developed by 2:Spot Studio.

juillet 12, 2014

(English) How to block a Coco contact?

1) Open this person’s profile by tapping on his or her profile photo. 2) Tap the 。。。icon in the upper right corner. 3) Tap ‘Block’ to prevent this person from contacting you again.4) You can see the list of people you have blocked from More > Settings > Privacy > Block List. You can unblock […]

juillet 10, 2014

Lil’ Monsters Unlocked!

You did it! Thanks to you we were able to achieve our Facebook goal! Thank you! As thanks for your help, the exclusive Lil’ Monsters sticker set is now available! Collect them all in the Sticker Center!

juillet 7, 2014

Event: Unleash The Monsters! Get An Exclusive Sticker Set!

We’ve uncovered a group of crazy Lil’ Monsters that can’t wait to unleash mischief in the Coco app! Help us get to 55,000 Page Likes on our Facebook Page to unlock this fun sticker set exclusive to Coco users! 1. Visit our Facebook page here: 2. Like our page! 3. If you’ve already liked […]

juillet 3, 2014

Sticker Center Spotlight: Jim & Jane

Having conversations with some is more fun when you do it with stickers. Download all of Jim & Jane’s antics by visiting the Sticker Center! Best used when: you’re feeling chatty, conversational, talkative

juillet 2, 2014

(English) How to Get FREE Stickers?

1) From ‘More’ tab and tap on ‘Sticker Center’ or tap emoji icon in the text field and tap the ‘+’ sign to open Sticker Center. 2)  Once you’re in the Sticker Center, tap the green download icon to add sticker sets to your collection. 3) You can share stickers by tapping on the ‘Share’ button […]

juin 26, 2014
juin 25, 2014

Painting the Coco Icon

We’ve got to give a little character to this app logo.      

juin 21, 2014

Behind the Blue Door

What secrets lie behind this mysterious blue door? Why, it’s our meeting and break room, of course!   …and a foosball table!

juin 19, 2014

Painting the Coco Logo

These wood cutouts of our logo look like they need a little color, don’t you think? We like to be very hands-on here at Coco, and painting is no exception. Blue isn’t a part of our usual color scheme, but they don’t really make tarps in that many different colors.

juin 9, 2014

Office Tour of Coco’s SF HQ

  The Coco office is really coming together and we’re ready to put the finishing touches on! What do you think of the open floor plan and bright accents? The wall behind our lounge area looks pretty barren, right? Something seems to be missing…hmmm, what do you think it could be?  

juin 4, 2014

Welcome to the Official Coco Blog!

Exciting things are always happening here at Coco and this is the place to catch it all! We’ll be regularly posting about new developments surrounding Coco as it continues to deliver the best messenger experience available now. The Coco Team also wants to share more about what it’s like working here, so expect to see […]

juin 3, 2014

Coco Redux

Recently, the Coco Team rolled out a major design update to the app. This fresh new look means exciting developments in store for our users, both in the app and outside of it! To match the fun new feel of the app, we’ve completely remade our website, including our social media channels! Have a favorite? Choose […]

août 1, 2013

(English) Is it free to send messages and make calls with my Coco contacts?

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(English) How do I add an international contact’s phone number?

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(English) Are my messages secure?

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(English) How do I invite my phone contacts to join Coco?

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