How to add a friend?

In the ‘Contacts’ tab, tap the button on the top right corner of the screen to add a friend.

You can search for a contact by entering their phone number. If a person has registered an account using the number entered, you will be able to add them as a friend by sending a friend request. If the person has not registered an account, you can invite them from your address book via SMS. They will receive a link to download Coco and they will be added as your Coco friends once they sign up and verify their phone number.

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If your friend has already signed up on Coco and you know his or her Coco Number, you can simply enter their Coco Number and send a friend request.


To add a friend through QR code, tap ‘Scan QR Code’ and point the camera frame on top of your friend’s QR code found in the same menu. Once the scan is successful, your friend’s profile page will appear and you can send a friend request.