As a modern communication app, Coco follows an inspired vision to unite the world through the power of Communication and Connection.

Coco constructs a dynamic social experience for its millions of users worldwide and retains all the emotion and personality of face-to-face conversations. By fueling zero-cost voice calls, direct text messaging and helping users discover nearby community members, Coco empowers anyone, anywhere to reach others. To further simplify communication, Coco issues exclusive short Global Phone Numbers so users avoid having to remember country codes or navigate difficult calling prompts.

With Coco, users can:

  • Make free calls all over the world
  • Log your messages with Visual Voicemail
  • Stay in the loop with ‘Moments,’ a diary of your friend’s activity
  • Send instant texts and push-to-talk voice messages
  • Create group chats with existing friends or join public chat rooms to create new ones
  • Share photos, location, and contact information
  • Meet people with social features such as People/Groups Nearby, Winks, and Shake Shake

Coco’s mission is to distill the illusion of time, distance and language and provide a fun, free and functional space for all people to instantly connect.

If you have a passion for next-generation messenger apps, visit our Careers page to explore how to become a part of the team.

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