A Match made in Coco

Coco’s goal has always been to reduce the bridge in communication and help connecting people all over the world.

In principle Coco is not looking to help unite couples, but when luckily that happens, we are excited to share that story with the rest of our users and with the whole world.

This is the story how Leandro found “The One”, and how it happened thanks to Coco. How? They simply communicated and connected.

Leandro and his soon to be wife didn’t live in the same city, but they both live in Brasil, with the social features that Coco offers is possible for everyone to find people near its region, and also to connect via different groups. In some groups, people ask and reply to questions about a particular topic. Someone, an undisclosed administrator of a group posted a question in a group they both belonged, and they both answered not knowing this will be the beginning of their romantic adventure.

After a few days after their conversation in the group, they decided to start a private chat. After sending their friend request and adding each other as Coco Contacts, their conversations turned a simple acquaintance into a friendship, and from there, love blossomed.

Using text, voice messages and photos they talked every day until finally after more than two months of conversations they decided to meet in person. Their reunion happened in the city of Lages, in the state of Santa Catarina, kilometers away from the native city of Leandro, Porto Alegre. Officially, this is the day that they started their relationship. And even when kilometers apart their romance proved strong and enduring, thanks to their daily talks via Coco. By that Christmas, they introduced each other to their families and their relationship continued growing strong even when they still lived apart. After a couple more months, Leandro decided that he couldn’t live so far away from the woman he loved and with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. It took a few more weeks to plan the perfect proposal, but finally he ask the question.  She said YES!

Now they finalizing their wedding preparations and are looking for a place they can call “home”.

The whole Coco team was touched by this story, and we are happy that Coco is helping connect people all over the world, even helping some to find their perfect match.

If your story is like this, then we want to know it! Share it with us and we will make sure we share it with the world!